The IQhub at AgroLiquid on WLNS

The IQhub at AgroLiquid is a 9,500 square-foot center for agricultural history, innovation and exploration. Featuring 23 museum-quality exhibits, the center is designed to help connect both young and young at heart with the farms that produce their food. During the Summer 2014 Grand Opening, Lansing, Michigan TV station WLNS visited the IQhub to interview AgroLiquid CEO Troy Bancroft and Outreach and Education Manager Burt Henry about the center.

Bancroft is a passionate supporter of the agriculture industry, and an outspoken advocate for innovation and sustainability in agriculture. The center aims to improve consumer-farmer relations. Henry comes to the IQhub after almost three decades experience as an agriculture teacher at Alma High School in Alma, Michigan.

2 thoughts on “The IQhub at AgroLiquid on WLNS

  1. I teach Kindergarten in Saginaw. I was recently talking with a 5th grade teacher from another school and she mentioned that her class was going to your facility for a field trip. Do you do field trips for Kindergarten, and if so, how would I go about scheduling one?

    1. Good morning!
      The IQhub has curriculum and activities for all ages – in fact, they have done several field trips with preschool classes. I will refer you to their website: There is information about scheduling a visit under the “Group Visit Information” tab. There is also direct contact information on the website. I hope you enjoy your visit to the IQhub!

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