Why Do We Have to Think About Phosphorus…Now?

Snowy morning at dawn. Winter is the perfect time to think about phosphorus fertilizer.

It’s winter, which means it’s cold, blowing, and miserable. When the days are short and dark, planting seems far away and harvesting is hard to even picture. It’s the time for meetings and maintenance … eating warm foods. Why is this the time to think about phosphorus fertilizer?

The real answer is: when we pay attention to managing phosphorus, it leads to profitable crop production. Crops use phosphorus during the entire growth cycle. During a fast growth (for instance, vegetables and fruits) even more phosphorus is required. It’s important to supply the right phosphorus in the right amounts at the correct time.

AgroLiquid’s liquid phosphorus fertilizers help this happen without any extra work. By using a slow-release phosphorus that’s also simple to apply, crops can have both their initial growth and later growth stages covered.

Let’s look at AgroLiquid’s phosphorus products Pro-Germinator and springuP.


Pro-Germinator allows producers to confidently grow a healthy crop because of its Nutriq Technology that provides full season nutrient delivery.

Of course, it’s not just phosphorus. Pro-Germinator is a blend of phosphate, nitrogen, potash, and iron. It’s designed to maximize crop response at all the important growth stages. It’s the perfect blend between quick-release phosphates and slow-release, carbon-protected polymer phosphates, which promotes growth early on, as well as through reproduction.

Gentle formula

We all know new plants require a delicate touch. Some fertilizers put young plants at risk of leaf burn and even death because of excess nutrient exposure. However, Pro-Germinator is formulated at a lighter concentration so it can be used safely at planting.

Application options

Pro-Germination can be applied by broadcast, topdress, sidedress, as a foliar, or through fertilization. Due to the flexibility, plus the fact it can be combined with other crop protection products, it means producers don’t have to make any extra trips across the field to use it.

Apply with:

• Other nutrients or crop protection products
• Fertigation or as a foliar to reduce trips and hours
• As a planter placement to start seedlings fast
• Directly to the root zone for higher efficiency and little risk of tissue damage


For more information, download our phosphorus resource.


SpringuP is a starter liquid phosphorus solution that is designed for strong early-season performance because of its fast-release nature and easy in-furrow application. It’s a combination of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potash that can help plants emerge from the ground faster, so they can access the warmth, sunlight, and all the above-ground benefits as soon as possible.

Easy access

SpringuP is particularly important for seedlings, which don’t yet have strong roots to access nutrients in the soil. Since phosphorus isn’t mobile in the soil, it can be especially difficult for seedlings to access it. With springuP, seedlings can get phosphorus at critical growth stages. This supports faster root growth, which then results in faster growth overall.

Best practices

In particular, corn is responsive to springuP. Starter fertilizers work best during the spring, when the soil is cold and wet. The best application methods depend on the crop. For corn or sorghum, it’s best to place the starter fertilizer two inches beside and below the seeds. It can also be applied directly to corn as a pop-up, or it can be banded with different forage crops.

The benefits of using springuP include:

• Early growth stimulant
• Flexible planter-time application placement
• Low risk of seed or seeding injury
• Can be applied with other nutrients or crop production products


For more information, download our springuP study.

And check out our springuP resource.

Why now?

Thinking about phosphorous now – long before the crops even go in the ground – is the best way to prepare for the planting, growing, and harvesting seasons. Winter gives us all a little time to slow down, and while it’s happening, it’s the best time to research, ask about, and think about how best to prepare for the busy spring. So even though warm sunny days seem far away…now’s the time to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.