Williams has a new place to park trailers

 The Williams facility now has a new place to park  their trucks and trailers. This project has been going on for quite a while and has finally came to an end.  All of the 30,000 gallon tanks had to be moved to the new containment area. In the picture below the tan circles are pea stone pads for the tanks to sit on. Today in the new containment we use a 1″ Styrofoam pad. We also took down the fence and used it on the new containment area. The picture below is the original containment area.

Aerial View Old Tank Farm Randy Harris and I went to Williams and moved the wall blocks to make the old containment area half it’s original size. All of the tanks had not been moved at that time and we still had to be able to contain the product if something were to happen. Now we were able to start removing the pea stone and liner. Under the liner was sand to level out the floor of the containment area which we also removed.


Containment 2The next few trips we finished moving the rest of the tanks to the new containment area and dismantling all the hose, valves, pumps and stainless steel connectors. Ron and Randy’s recent trip was to remove the remaining wall blocks, hose, liner, pea stone and sand.


To finish the project they spread a layer of gravel over the whole area and now it looks great!