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LEED Gold Certified

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LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability.  The LEED program provides third-party verification of green buildings. These buildings satisfy specific requirements…

(Webinar) Getting More For Less From The Fertilizer You Apply

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No-tillers can’t afford to waste money on applied fertilizer. Neither can the agriculture industry continue to watch these resources negatively impact watersheds without expecting possible severe regulations. Nobody knows that any better than no-tiller Mike Starkey of Brownsburg, Ind., whose farm lies right at the base of the Eagle Creek Watershed that supplies the city of Indianapolis its drinking water.

This 1 hour webinar produced by No-Till Farmer Magazine originally broadcast November 27th, 2013.

AgroLiquid Recognizes Ovid Elsie FFA

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As an FFA Foundation Member, Troy Bancroft speaks about his passion for supporting FFA and the future agriculture industry. Recently the Headquarters of AgroLiquid had a public open house and the Ovid Elsie FFA Chapter of Michigan helped assist at this large event. To show his gratitude Troy awards them for their help.

CA Part 8

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Part 8:

To prepare for the layoffs many food lines have been set up and are prepared to stay running during the winter. The Endangered Species Act will cause collateral damage. For every $1 spent on the farmer approximately $7 is spent in town. These effects will hurt not only workers, but the government and schools as well.

Listen for the last section of the series.