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Soil Fertility and Success

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An important part of evaluating your fertility program is to identify existing problems or limiting factors that are restricting yields and make plans to correct them. An annual review is essential. What worked one year might not work the next year. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers can subscribe a growing program that is right for your farm.

Soil Testing

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Maintaining a healthy balanced soil requires consistent effort and advanced planning. This is the best way to determine how much nutrition is available to feed your crops from planting to harvest. Create a custom fertility program that pushes your yield to the max. Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers has a variety of products to help you maintain a healthy balanced soil.

AgroLiquid Recognizes Ovid Elsie FFA

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As an FFA Foundation Member, Troy Bancroft speaks about his passion for supporting FFA and the future agriculture industry. Recently the Headquarters of AgroLiquid had a public open house and the Ovid Elsie FFA Chapter of Michigan helped assist at this large event. To show his gratitude Troy awards them for their help.

CA Part 8

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Part 8:

To prepare for the layoffs many food lines have been set up and are prepared to stay running during the winter. The Endangered Species Act will cause collateral damage. For every $1 spent on the farmer approximately $7 is spent in town. These effects will hurt not only workers, but the government and schools as well.

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Getting More For Less

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Getting More For Less From The Fertilizer You Apply No-tillers can’t afford to waste money on applied fertilizer. Neither can the agriculture industry continue to watch these resources negatively impact watersheds…

CA Part 7

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Part 7:

The Endangered Species Act doe not just affect the farmers, but is a threat to the economy too. There is potential for widespread layoffs. America could be at risk as California produces majority of the nuts, fruits and vegetables in the nation. This impact goes further than the valley.

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CA Part 6

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Part 6:

The California water shortage has been a problem since 2009 and has only been getting worse. There is great uncertainty in the future. Many do not see the need for balance with the water restriction laws. People need to realize farmers are environmentalists too. 

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