Measuring the Success of Sure-K

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Soybean fertility programs have long been a focus of AgroLiquid’s crop nutrient research.

Sure-K is one of AgroLiquid’s flagship products. Many years of research, as well as grower experience, have proven its performance.

Knowing that soybeans utilize a lot of potassium and understanding the low soil potassium (K) levels in many parts of the soybean growing areas, Sure-K was a perfect fit for a soybean fertility program. In the late 1990’s the North Central Research Station (NCRS) began testing Sure-K as a foliar application on soybeans. These foliar applications are especially beneficial, as they can be made in conjunction with most post-emergence pesticide applications.

Since 1998, 165 comparisons have been completed across the US. This data helps us determine both the yield and economic benefit of a soybean foliar fertility programs. As shown in the data below, over these 24 years Sure-K has provided a positive yield return 90% of the time with an average yield increase of 4.5 bu/A, returning an average of more than $22/A for the fertilizer dollars invested.

*ROI calculated on current CBOT soybean price and fertilizer price.

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sure-KSure-K is a high-efficiency product that provides plants the nutrients they need to thrive at key reproductive stages. The unique formula provides increased utilization at lower concentrations, providing the same or better results than standard potassium fertilizers while using less. In addition, Sure-K uses no chlorides or hydroxides, so it preserves soil health long-term.


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