Micronutrients Add Value

While plants use micronutrients in very small amounts, they are just as essential for plant growth as primary (N, P, and K) and secondary (S, Ca, and Mg) nutrients. Any one of them can limit growth and even cause plant death when deficient. In this example from the North Central Research Station, an application of Micro 500 and microLink Manganese increased yield by more than five bushels per acre.


Always use a complete soil test analysis to determine the nutrients needed for your situation. The image to the right is the soil test results from these research plots.

Micro 500 is an excellent micronutrient source that may be ‘spiked’ with additional nutrients to meet yield goals.

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Micro 500Micro 500 contains the essential micronutrients zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and boron. These micronutrients stimulate healthy growth in a variety of ways, and work synergistically with one another. By improving chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, Micro 500 helps to support every growth stage.

Micronutrients play a pivotal role in crop development. If micronutrient deficiencies persist year after year, they will continue to damage crops regardless of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium applied. That’s where our microLink family of products can come in. From boron to molybdenum, we have a full line of micronutrients.

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AgroLiquid provides ‘Nutrient Synergism’. What’s that?

If a soil nutrient is in short supply, you would expect a yield response when that nutrient is applied to a crop. But addressing only a single nutrient will not give optimum yield. So, the teaming up of nutrients can give a response that is greater than expected. In this example from the North Central Research Station, application of Sure-K potassium gave a yield increase of 6.8 Bu/A over that of nitrogen alone. Similarly, the application of Pro-Germinator phosphorus gave a 17.9 Bu/A increase.

Bar chart comparing in-furrow planter fertilizers for corn

When both products are applied together you would think that the yield increase would be the sum of the yield increases with the single products:

6.8 + 17.9 = 24.7 Bu/A.

But the actual increase was 29.9 Bu/A.

This is synergism where Pro-Germinator + Sure-K together produce a yield increase that is greater than the sum of the yield increases with the products applied alone.

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