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At AgroLiquid, we study a variety of crops in detail to determine the best fertilizer combinations. All of our fertilizer research is carefully documented, including what fertilizers we use, when, on what crops, and how those crops grow. Much of our research is conducted at our 1,000 acre research facility, the North Central Research Station (NCRS). We also partner with farmers, growers, and ranchers across the country to conduct fertilizer research in other climates and soil types. This helps us perfect our fertilizer programs, and develop the most efficient combinations for all types of crops.

Foliar Fertilizer Combinations in Soybeans

Potassium is one of the most important nutrients that can be supplied by foliar fertilizers. Phosphorus is another nutrient that may be beneficial when applied through foliar treatments. The objective of this trial was to evaluate combinations of fertiRain, Sure-K, and springuP applied at R2 growth stage of soybeans.

Crops: Soybeans. States / Provinces: Illinois. Nutrients: Phosphorus, Potassium. Years: 2022. Applications: Foliar.

Effect of Planter Fertilizer Application on Corn

Crops: Corn. States / Provinces: Illinois. Nutrients: Phosphorus, Potassium. Years: 2017. Applications: Planting.