accesS – high efficiency sulfur fertilizer

When you want the best for your crops, you have to take every nutrient into account. Sulfur is important in crop nutrition because it is used in the formation of amino acids, oils, and proteins. Not only is it necessary for chlorophyll formation, but it also helps develop and activate enzymes and vitamins.

As a result, AgroLiquid developed accesS® – our 100% plant-available, high-efficiency liquid sulfur fertilizer. Our formula allows plants to more efficiently absorb sulfur and keeps more plant-usable sulfur in the soil.

accesS has many application options, including:

• with planted placement in a band away from the seed
• broadcast or banded over the top of the seed zone
• as a topdress
• as a sidedress
• through fertigation


Our formula allows plants to more efficiently absorb sulfur and keeps more plant-usable sulfur in the soil. At the same time, accesS uses a lower concentration of sulfur at lower rates, but provides the same or better results compared to commodity fertilizers.

AccesS may be applied anywhere five or more pounds of elemental sulfur are required. The unique Flavonol Polymer Technology makes accesS more efficient than other sulfur fertilizers, and therefore requires a lower rate. This prevents the sulfur and other nutrients from loss due to leaching, which also prevents environmental damage from nutrient toxicity.

What’s Flavonol Polymer Technology? AgroLiquid’s proprietary technology is a unique way to encapsulate nutrients. With it, we can ensure nutrients are released slowly and directly to plants throughout the growing season. This also ensures that plants have the nutrients they need when they need them.


Sulfur deficiency and nitrogen deficiency can both cause yellow leaves and stunted growth. However, the symptoms appear on different leaves. Sulfur deficiency causes yellowing of young leaves, while nitrogen deficiency causes yellowing of older leaves.

Please note, repeated application of other nutrients can create an imbalance in the soil and lead to a sulfur deficiency. This makes regular soil testing important for maintaining optimal yield and reaching full growth potential.

Other benefits include:

  • AgroLiquid's accesS had an 86% positive yield response and a 77% positive economic response in 35 trials.Corrects or prevents sulfur deficiency, stunted growth, and reduced yields
  • Increases nitrogen utilization
  • Easy to apply with other nutrients or crop protection or crop protection products*
  • Contains a chlorophyll building micronutrient package including zinc, manganese, and iron
  • Easy to apply at planting or throughout the growing season

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