Unlocking potential with foliar potassium

Almond fields

Potassium is an essential nutrient for plants, playing a critical role in their growth and development. While traditional soil application methods have long been used to supply potassium to crops, foliar application of potassium has gained increasing recognition for its numerous benefits.

Foliar potassium offers a direct and efficient way to deliver this nutrient to plants, bypassing soil limitations and helping with absorption. Producers can unlock a range of advantages that positively impact crop health, yield, and overall productivity.

Let’s explore the key benefits of potassium on crops through AgroLiquid products.


Kalibrate is designed to optimize potassium nutrition in crops, leading to improved plant health, yield, and quality. It is best for soil-applied potassium, using application technologies such as Y-Drop, drip tape, or microjet irrigation, or a 2×2 planter system without risk of crop injury.

  • It helps improve overall plant vigor, root development, and stress tolerance.
  • It’s compatible with other products, allowing for easy integration into existing farming practices.
  • Kalibrate minimizes nutrient losses and reduces overall fertilizer usage.
  • It’s suitable to use in a wide range of crops, including field crops, fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops.

Also, since Kalibrate resists freezing, it’s ideal for farmers looking for early-season delivery of corn, sugar beets, soybeans, or wheat.

Kapitalize Foliar Potassium

Kapitalize is fast-acting potassium fertilizer with added sulfur and calcium. This product is compatible with various application methods, including foliar application, fertigation, and soil application.

Calcium is highly reactive, and tank mixing conventional calcium products can be troublesome. Kapitalize has been formulated to be combined and immediately applied with other AgroLiquid products, including our phosphorus products.

  • Kapitalize utilizes advanced formulation techniques to provide highly available and efficient potassium nutrition to plants.
  • Kapitalize helps plants withstand stress, such as drought, heat, and disease, by improving their resilience and defense mechanisms.
  • It promotes optimal plant growth, root development, and nutrient uptake.
  • The product supports balanced nutrient uptake and utilization, promoting overall plant vitality and crop quality.

Insufficient calcium levels can lead to diminished seed, fruit, tuber, and cruciferous vegetable size and quality, which is why it’s important in crops such as cotton, soybeans, citrus, sugarcane, and annual vegetables. By applying Kapitalize at critical stages, farmers can enhance both yield and quality. Plus, it supports disease and pest resistance, as well as drought resilience.


Sure-K is a product designed to optimize plant nutrition during reproductive stages. The unique formulation allows for increased nutrient use at lower concentrations, delivering superior or comparable results compared to standard potassium fertilizers, while minimizing the amount used. Sure-K stands out by not containing chlorides or hydroxides, ensuring long-term soil health preservation.

  • It is formulated to provide crops with a consistent and readily available source of potassium.
  • Sure-K can be applied through various methods, like foliar application, so there are fewer trips across the field.
  • It contributes to stress tolerance in crops, helping them withstand adverse environmental conditions.
  • Sure-K is designed to be compatible with other products, allowing for convenient integration into existing farming practices.

AgroLiquid foliar potassium products offer a range of benefits. These products help enhance nutrient uptake, improve crop yield and quality, boost stress tolerance, and maintain nutrient balance. Overall, they optimize plant nutrition and promote healthy plant growth. They also contribute to sustainability by minimizing nutrient loss. Producers can effectively leverage these foliar potassium products to maximize the potential of their crops. Contact your AgroLiquid representative to find out which of these potassium products will best suit your crop and goals.