Apply Less. Expect More.

Almond trial shows using less fertilizer compared to conventional treatments yields equal to better results.

AgroLiquid’s crop nutrient research starts with the grower. Grower pressures are making nutrient management a critical component in agriculture today. The one constant is the desire to sustainably produce a quality crop. To get to the next level of production, growers must have the technology to succeed and take their operation to the next level.

For more than 25 years, AgroLiquid has developed an industry-leading team that makes the best better. We are not only developing new technologies and products, we are testing our tried-and true technologies against the industry standards and latest offerings. We are making sure AgroLiquid products are proven in the lab and in the field before they are offered to growers.

Specifically in western soils, we are looking at our technology performance compared to conventional fertilizer sources. Almonds are the perfect crop to test our Flavonol Polymer Technology, given how much potassium is needed to produce a crop.

AgroLiquid crop nutrition can be a valuable tool in producing an abundant and quality almond crop. In an effort to determine the best sources, rates, timings and methods of application, AgroLiquid has invested in and runs a full-scale research trial in almonds in California. For the third year in a row,
these trials proved PrG™ and Kalibrate® outproduced the grower standard in yield by 188 lbs/A and produced an average of 2,975 lbs/A.

By investing in research, we remove the guesswork innately involved in producing a crop, and develop the ideal timing and delivery methods of the best crop nutrient products on the market. Armed with the
knowledge and confidence achieved through this extensive research, our Agronomists make  scientifically based recommendations to sustainably optimize yield potential.

Trial details:
Each plot consists of five trees and was replicated six times across the orchard. Throughout the growing season, 50 gallons per acre (gal/A) of UAN-32 is applied as a constant in every plot.

The Results
Over the course of the three-year study, the average of the “Grower Standard” plot of 10-34-0 + potassium thiosulfate yielded an average of 2,787 lbs/A. On the full AgroLiquid program plot, using both PrG + Kalibrate yielded a three-year average of 2,975 lbs/A. This 188 lbs/A yield increase was
achieved with 55.5 ga/A less applied fertilizer.