What are the top benefits of in-furrow starter fertilizer?

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Crop producers are always trying to do more with less, get the best economic return, and increase yields. Since there are so many methods and so many ways of experimenting, it’s always an ongoing process.

In an effort to take as much guesswork as possible out of the equation, AgroLiquid has been working with in-furrow applications of starter fertilizer to determine the top benefits.

Top benefits of in-furrow starter fertilizer:

1. Nourish plants and restore soil

In-furrow application with AgroLiquid’s slow release fertilizer allows you to nourish your plans and restore your soil – with minimal risk of over-salinization or seed injury.
As a result, your seedlings will be supported by essential macronutrients, micronutrients, and biologicals needed for the strong growth that needs to happen when they plants are just getting started.

2. Reduce fertilizer run-off

When using a planter, it is possible that in-furrow nutrients can become tied up in the soil when they combine with soil ions. As a result, the plants don’t have access to them during important developmental stages. However, our liquid fertilizers are designed to keep the nutrients where they need to be, at all stages of growth.

3. Keep nutrients closer to the roots

With AgroLiquid, the Nutriq Technology provides a slow release, allowing the plant roots to abserb the nutrients slowly, which means they get them during the entire growth cycle. As an added benefit, the slow release prevents seed injury and leaf burn.

Nutriq Technology

What exactly is Nutriq Technology, and how does it help plants? Our Nutriq Technology is based on specially-formulated plant-based chelates, and it is the key ingredient in our high-efficiency fertilizers.

Chelates protect nutrient atoms like potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and others in a polymer shell. Since the chelant is plant-derived, the crop recognizes the material and utilizes it. Plants are able to naturally deconstruct this shell. The chelated nutrient fertilizers are protected from bonding with ions in the soil, which makes them unusable to plants, but the plants can still break down the plant-derived polymer shell to get to the nutrients inside.

Since the chelated micronutrients and macronutrients break down over time, they’re available to use over a longer period. This means more nutrients for plants and fewer trips for farmers.

AgroLiquid Products

We have products specifically designed to works as in-furrow starter fertilizers. For instance, check out:


Pro-Germinator uses a blend of phosphate, nitrogen, potash, and iron to maximize crop response at critical growth stages. The combination of quick-release phosphates with slow-release, carbon-protected, polymer phosphates promotes exceptional growth early on.


Kalibrate can be used in virtually any cropping situation where potassium is recommended. Kalibrate provides slow-release nutrient delivery, and its formulation allows the nutrients to go back into the solution if the product freezes, which makes it ideal for early-season, cold temperatures.

Micro 500

Micro 500 contains the essential micronutrients zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and boron. Like many of our liquid fertilizer products, Micro 500 is designed to be easily applied. Years of research have proved that Micro 500 supports higher yields.

microLink Manganese

microLink Manganese works with other nutrients to improve total intake and use. The addition of manganese also helps plants make in additional phosphorus and calcium, which speeds up germination.

You only have one chance a year to get it right – so don’t do all the experimenting yourself. Take advantage of AgroLiquid’s research and products for the most-researched, best start to your crops.

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