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Introduction to fert-Rain.

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  1. Hi Warren, Thanks for the question:

    Foliar feeding coastal Bermuda hay is a good way to increase the nutrients that can be absorbed. Normally on a more heavy nutrient use crop like Bermuda hay growers apply a base fertility program, and use foliar applications to supplement or push the crop to desired yield goals.

    Agro-Culture Liquid’s product ferti-Rain is a balanced nutrient formulation that would help supply N, P, K, secondary nutrients, and some micro nutrients. I would apply at a 3 gal per acre rate with at least an equal amount of water during high nutrient demand periods throughout the season with applications being at least 3 weeks apart.
    Another option to increase nitrogen to the crop would be to use Agrio-Culture Liquid’s product Nresponse. This is a lower salt index N product that would supply increased nitrogen without the P and K. I would apply at a 2 gal per acre rate with water as a carrier. Total spray volumes should be approximately 7-10 gallon per acre. Again applications should be made at high nutrient demand periods throughout the season with applications being at least 3 weeks apart.

    When applying foliar nutrient applications to coastal Bermuda hay best responses will be seen when applications are made at temperatures below 90 degrees, with total spray volumes around 7-10 gallon per acre, with sprayer pressure set at 50+ psi, and at higher humidity levels.

  2. I would like to know if I can use your product on my midland 99 bermudagrass with increase in production and protein for less money? I use 300 # of 46 nitrogen (dry) every 3-4 weeks with plenty of irrigation and usually produce 5,000 # of hay Per cutting at 20% protein. I feel like I’m having to use more nitrogen than necessary. I cut hay every 3-4 weeks with the same application of nitrogen and about 100# of potash per acre per year. I’m looking for a cheaper fertilizer with the same results that I experience now. Please advise

    1. Hi Mike,

      For your Bermuda grass cutting cycle of every 3-4 weeks the urea you are using actually fits well. A couple of things I would suggest though to maybe get more efficiency from the urea would be consider adding in some sulfur, grass crops like a 14-1 ratio of N to S. To achieve that ratio with the 300# of 46-0-0 you would need to add in 9.85 pounds of S along with the urea. I’ve had many growers who do this to increase protein and tonnage, but I’ve also had growers reduce the urea applications 10-15% because they are getting more usability from the N they apply. The other thing I would suggest is adding in some of the potash you are referring to in each of the urea applications, K is a quality nutrient and having it more available throughout the season can again increase quality and tonnage.

      Foliar feeding Bermuda grass will be difficult as it is a heavy nutrient use crop, and foliar feeding can normally only get 2-3% of the crops annual nutrient needs into the plant at one time. Foliar feeding would be a good idea to add to any crop protection applications or to push a crop during high stress and heavy nutrient uptake periods. For those applications I would suggest using 3 gallon of Agro-Culture Liquid’s product ferti-Rain.


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