FertiRain – Top Three Benefits of a Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer

Some fertilizers are categorized as macronutrients. Some are secondary, and some are micronutrients. However, some fertilizers cover it all. AgroLiquid’s fertiRain is considered a multi-nutrient fertilizer, since it contains macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients all in one.

What makes this multi-nutrient different from the rest? Let’s look at the top three benefits of fertiRain.

Complete support

FertiRain is the result of decades of research. AgroLiquid agronomists have spent time experimenting how to formulate this fertilizer to provide the best nutrient balance and concentration. In fact, fertiRain can be used in a foliar application at any time during the growing cycle to improve growth and correct nutritional deficiencies. As a result, this makes it helpful for crops during important stages like while in bloom or producing fruit. This ultimately increases the yield. It’s also valuable for correcting nutrient deficiencies, which means you can apply at the first sign to restore the potential of your yield.

See the dramatic yield difference in pumpkins, forage grasses, and soybeans.

Promotes Robust growth

Macro, micro, and secondary nutrients all work together through a crop’s growing cycle. When there’s one nutrient lacking, it will also affect the use of other nutrients. The great news is – a full nutrient profile will stimulate robust growth and ultimately, improve production. As a multi-nutrient fertilizer, fertiRain can assist in this process.

Like the other AgroLiquid fertilizers, fertiRain is made with Flavonol Polymer Technology, which means that nutrients release slowly, so plants can use them for the entire process. Other fertilizers can give more nutrients than a plant can use, which results in run-off and tie-up in the soil, two issues we all want to avoid. Flavonol Polymer Technology ensures consistent nutrient use for the plant, which results in the best growth through all the stages.


FertiRain is versatile in application, use, and timing. FertiRain is often used as a foliar, but it can also be applied in other ways with equal success. Take your pick! It also corrects nutrient deficiencies in many different types of crops, climates, and soil types.

It can be applied at various stages without the risk of crop injury, which makes it even more useful. Our research has shown fertiRain improves yields and plant health for a range of crops, trees, vines, and bushes. FertiRain contains nitrogen, phosphate, potash, sulfur, iron, manganese, and zinc, and this combination helps so many plants in various ways.

In addition, FertiRain:

  • Promotes vigorous growth and development
  • Encourages vibrant blooms, abundant fruits, and prolific seed production
  • Enhances yield and elevates crop quality
  • Prevents and solves nutrient deficiencies
  • Enriches the soil’s micronutrient profile for long-term fertility
  • Provides flexible application methods to optimize efficiency and reduce labor requirements

That’s just the top three! Learn more about FertiRain.