Getting the work done: microLink Boron

You’re probably familiar with someone in the background who gets all the work done. They don’t put the spotlight on themselves, but they’re the one organizing, making events happen, and cleaning up afterward. They’re the human equivalent of micronutrients.

Of course, macronutrients improve yield and quality in your crops…but don’t overlook the role of micronutrients. If micronutrient deficiencies occur year after year, they’ll damage crops regardless of the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium already present. As a result, AgroLiquid offers our microLink® line, which is helpful for assisting any crop.

Right amount, right time

MicroLink Boron is made to give crops the right amount of boron. Without boron, fruits lose their shape, color, and flavor, and lose seed numbers, grain numbers, and quality. AgroLiquid boron fertilizer can correct in-season boron deficiencies, as well as prevent crop damage in the first place.

“Boron plays many important roles within the plant,” said Stephanie Zelinko, AgroLiquid sales agronomist. “One of the most important is its part in the reproductive growth. It aids in flowering and pollination, which equals improved yield.”

Boron is derived from sodium borate, and it can be applied individually to correct boron deficiencies or used with micronutrient combinations to supply a variety of micronutrients.

It not only addresses deficiencies, but it also helps with nutrient uptake and use. Boron interacts with various enzymes and proteins involved in nutrient metabolism, so it improves absorption. By using it, growers can help the use of other nutrients, leading to a healthier crop.

Help for the whole crop

Boron also can assist with plant stress and disease tolerance. The right boron levels strengthen cell walls, making plants more resilient to drought, heat, and disease pressure. With microLink Boron, growers can improve their plants’ natural defense mechanisms, reducing the chance plants will be susceptible to stress-related diseases. This translates into more consistent yields, even under challenging growing conditions.

MicroLink Boron helps with:

  • Precision nutrition: MicroLink Boron delivers the right amount of boron, addressing deficiencies and promoting plant growth.
  • Improved pollination and reproduction: Helps with viability, fruit development, and seed development, leading to increased yields.
  • Better nutrient uptake and use: Improves absorption and use of nutrients, helping with crop health.
  • Resistance: Strengthens cell walls, making plants more stress tolerant and disease resistant.

“Adequate boron in the plant helps makes cell walls stronger, which creates a healthier plant,” said Zelinko.

Ask an expert

Before adding boron, it’s important to know what’s in your soil composition right now. Many micronutrient deficiencies present in the same way. It’s also possible that they could be caused by soil pH, moisture, temperature, or other compound or nutrient tie-ups in the soil. Some crops are sensitive to boron, so correct application is necessary.

“Boron is a tricky nutrient and moves through the plant rapidly, therefore a multiple application approach must be done it ensure there is enough boron throughout the season,” said Zelinko.

We’d also be happy to help you learn more about boron deficiency and correct application. If your crops aren’t reaching their potential, or you keep having the same problems, ask our agronomist experts for assistance.


At AgroLiquid, we study crops to determine the best fertilizer combinations. All of our fertilizer research is carefully documented, including what fertilizers we use, when, on what crops, and how those crops grow. Much of our research is conducted at our 1,000 acre research facility, the North Central Research Station (NCRS). We also partner with growers across the country to conduct fertilizer research in other climates and soil types. This helps us perfect our fertilizer programs and develop the most efficient combinations for all types of crops.

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Even though MicroLink Boron may be in the background, it’s just as necessary as the nutrients taking the lead. Take a look at your crop, your needs, and your goals to see if MicroLink Boron is the next step in your nutrition program.