Raise the bar: Secondary nutrients accesS and LiberateCa

We’ve all seen the high jump track and field event, where athletes take turns jumping over a bar that’s placed higher… and higher…and higher. Athletes change shoes, jumping methods, step count, and anything they can do to gain a little advantage to reach the top.

It’s the same way with growing crops. Over the years, people have developed newer and better methods for meeting plant needs, and we know high-yielding crops require a complete nutritional package. While primary nutrients are of course the most important, secondary nutrients like sulfur and calcium play a huge role in plant health and productivity.

At AgroLiquid, we understand the importance of balanced nutrition, which is why we’re featuring accesS and LiberateCa – two products designed to maximize your crop potential.

accesS is a high-efficiency liquid sulfur fertilizer which allows plants to better absorb sulfur, while also keeping more plant-usable sulfur in the soil.

Why do crops need sulfur in the form of accesS? It plays a role in several processes that impact plant health and yield.


• Better growth: Sulfur is a component of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Without the right amount of sulfur, protein synthesis is delayed, and it can lead to stunted growth and weak plants.

• Nitrogen: Sulfur works hand-in-hand with nitrogen, which helps plants utilize nitrogen efficiently, converting it into usable amino acids for protein production. This translates to better growth, stronger stems, and improved overall plant development.

• Photosynthesis: Sulfur is a key component of chlorophyll, and deficient sulfur levels can lead to pale leaves and reduced photosynthetic activity, ultimately impacting crop yield.

• Disease: Sulfur plays a role in plant defense mechanisms, helping them resist fungal diseases. Adequate sulfur levels can help with a plant’s natural resistance to pathogens, promoting overall plant health and reducing reliance on fungicides.

• Stress tolerance: Sulfur can contribute to a plant’s ability to withstand environmental stresses like drought or extreme temperatures. By promoting strong cell walls and efficient nutrient utilization, sulfur helps crops weather challenging conditions.

accesS doesn’t have just one correct time for application. It can be used to correct sulfur deficiencies at planting, or anytime through the year. Plus, it’s easy to apply with other nutrients or crop protection products.

In addition, an economic and environmental benefit is that accesS uses a lower concentration of sulfur at lower rates, but it provides the same – or better – results when compared to commodity fertilizers.

LiberateCa is a liquid fertilizer designed to prevent calcium deficiencies or correct them when signs appear.
Even though calcium is categorized as a secondary nutrient, it’s necessary for crops to reach their full potential. It’s good for:

• Building walls: The right calcium levels result in stronger, more rigid cell walls. This helps with structural integrity, which allows plants to stand upright, resist wind and rain damage, and support the weight of fruits and vegetables.

• Fruit quality: Calcium helps maintain cell integrity and firmness, leading to improved fruit quality, size, and marketability.

• Stress: Strong cell walls also contribute to a plant’s ability to withstand stress. These stresses can be environmental, like drought or extreme temperatures, or biological, like pest or disease pressure. Calcium helps maintain plant health during challenging conditions.

• Water transport: Calcium plays a role in regulating the movement of water and nutrients within the plant. The right calcium levels can improve water uptake and utilization, especially during dry periods.

• Healthy roots: By regulating cell division and the growth of root hairs, calcium helps plants establish a strong root system for efficient water and nutrient uptake.

LiberateCa uses Nutriq Technology to deliver plant-usable calcium right to the plant roots, or also as a foliar. The benefit is that the plant-based polymer chains protecting the calcium prevent it from reacting with other nutrients. As a result, it still remains usable to plants. This makes LiberateCa compatible with other nutrients, which means it can be applied without an extra trip over the field.

Basically, giving your crops the best secondary nutrients helps them clear the ever-rising performance bar. Fly high with accesS and LiberateCa, and see where your crops can go.

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