What’s the Difference?

There are lots of choices out there when it comes to selecting crop nutrition products. What makes AgroLiquid any different? It comes down to what we have been doing for more than 35 years: providing a complete line of effective crop nutrients, and offering highly trained staff and Retail Partners to provide sound recommendations based on a soil test, agronomics and crop goals.

A Good Foundation

There are many factors to consider when structuring a nutrient management plan. First, it’s less about what you put in the products, than what you don’t put in the products. The foundation of a good fertilizer is using raw materials that don’t contain things that are harmful to plants. AgroLiquid uses the highest quality raw materials and puts them together in a clean formulation that is safe for the plant. We eliminate harmful bi-products that can cause crop injury and use proprietary formulation technology that improves uptake and utilization of our products within the plant. Those things together create high quality, efficient fertilizer products.


Another important consideration in choosing fertilizer is compatibility. Regardless of the reason, taking extra passes over the field to apply fertilizer is not an efficient use of resources. AgroLiquid products can be effectively applied at planting, side-dress, or foliar– when a pass will be taken over the field, anyway. In fact, AgroLiquid’s seed-safe formulations and chelation technology are representative of our commitment to generating the maximum crop response from applications of fertilizer. In addition, AgroLiquid has unmatched compatibility with most crop protection products and the full range of other AgroLiquid nutrients.

Focus on Research

Intensive research, development and product testing have resulted in a full range of nutrient products that don’t solely focus on N-P-K. As AgroLiquid Chief Executive Officer, Nick Bancroft, says, “we use nutrients to make nutrients better.” He gives the example of a phosphorous product, “It should not only contain phosphorous, it should contain nitrogen, it should contain potassium, and it should contain micronutrients.” Bancroft explains those nutrients work in harmony with phosphorous in the processes that phosphorous affect in the plant to make uptake, translocation, and utilization in the plant more efficient. This equates to more plant growth with less applied fertilizer. AgroLiquid employs this philosophy in products such as Pro-Germinator®, which uses a blend of phosphate, nitrogen, potash, and iron to maximize crop response at critical growth stages.

Find an Expert

If you are a producer facing the prospect of investing significantly in crop nutrition, it can be uncomfortable leaving a recommendation to someone’s good judgement. How do you know if that ‘someone’ knows what they are talking about as it relates to crop nutrition and your farm? That’s why it is important to work with people who are committed to crop nutrition. Backed by years of research, AgroLiquid’s highly trained sales and agronomy team is skilled at helping growers make these management decisions. Beyond that, AgroLiquid partners with ag retailers who are dedicated to helping growers develop efficient and economical crop nutrition plans.

AgroLiquid is successful when our customers are profitable. We work tirelessly on all of these factors and more to be the best at this variable. Regardless of the changes in markets and economics of our producers, we are on the same ride, so we better strive to be the best at what we do. We approach our customers with long-term success in mind.