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At AgroLiquid, we study a variety of crops in detail to determine the best fertilizer combinations. All of our fertilizer research is carefully documented, including what fertilizers we use, when, on what crops, and how those crops grow. Much of our research is conducted at our 1,000 acre research facility, the North Central Research Station (NCRS). We also partner with farmers, growers, and ranchers across the country to conduct fertilizer research in other climates and soil types. This helps us perfect our fertilizer programs, and develop the most efficient combinations for all types of crops.

XtremeAg Trials Report 2021

XtremeAg is very transparent with what they do on their farms and will highlight products and practices that work, along with those that don’t. AgroLiquid has used this opportunity to test out-of-the-box ideas, push for high yields, and expand testing on crops we have little data on.

This report includes the results for 2021 for each of the locations where testing was done.

Crops: Corn, Cotton, and Soybeans. States / Provinces: Alabama, Arkansas, and Iowa. Nutrients: Programs. Years: 2021. Applications: Foliar, Irrigation, Planter, and Planting.

Micro 500 win rate comparison in Iowa

Crops: Corn. States / Provinces: Iowa. Nutrients: Micronutrients. Years: 2020. Applications: Planting.

Sulfur Applications on Corn

Crops: Corn. States / Provinces: Iowa. Nutrients: Sulfur. Years: 2010. Applications: Planting.

Leaching Study in Corn

Crops: Corn. States / Provinces: Iowa. Years: 2011. Applications: Planting.

Corn Fertilizer Program Comparison

Crops: Corn. States / Provinces: Iowa. Years: 2012. Applications: Planting.

Fertilizer Application Comparison in Soybeans ACRES

Crops: Soybeans. States / Provinces: Iowa. Years: 2013. Applications: Broadcast, Foliar, and Planting.

Fertilizer Applications in 30″ Soybeans

Crops: Soybeans. States / Provinces: Iowa. Nutrients: Foliars and Potassium. Years: 2014. Applications: Foliar and Planting.