Coffee’s On…..Kauai Coffee That Is! (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

So one day we visited our favorite coffee grower: Kauai Coffee.  They not only grow and market the best coffee anywhere, they are also users of AgroLiquid to produce much of the coffee there.  They receive multiple shipments of isotainers through the year, each with 4300 gallons of AgroLiquid from the Stockton, CA plant.  Then they feed it through drip tape on the many fields that are on the Liquid program.  Here is the popular gift shop where you can buy coffee as well as multiple souvenirs to remind you of your visit.  Hey, what’s that new sign out front?

It’s a list of where you can get Kauai Coffee back on the Mainland.  Drop everything and go now.  You won’t be sorry.  If your store doesn’t have it, stage a sit-in till it shows up.  Remember, it’s got AgroLiquid behind it.

 We’ve had a variety of tours over the years.  This year the three guys that I work with are giving a walking tour around the grounds to explain what goes on in growing coffee.  That’s Bronson, who is in charge of irrigation, Jon the orchard operations manager, and Ramon the IPM specialist.

 I’ve shown the operation called “stumping” in the past where they cut the coffee back to a stump, to keep it from getting too big.  Obviously.  But it is necessary from time to time.  After it re-spouts, you prune off all but the strongest leader stem, as Ramon demonstrates.  It grows fast and will produce some coffee within a year, and be back to full production within another year or two.

Ramon then leads part of the group through the visitor center grounds.  Don’t get lost Steve.

 Bronson talks about the growth stages of coffee.  Harvest has been over for a month, so we didn’t get to see any of that as we have in the past.  But before long it will begin to flower and start the production process all over again.  Bronson says when flowering, the place is all white with flowers and really smells good.  Bronson is responsible for managing the 2500 miles of drip irrigation feeding the 4 million coffee plants on the nearly 3000 acres here.  How does he have time to mess with our tour?  Well he is a nice guy after all.  Nice hat too.

 There are a few old berries, or cherries, still on some plants.  Eustaquia, from the St. Johns office, must not have gotten enough coffee this morning as she bites into one.  I don’t think her husband Chris wants her to share.  But wouldn’t you know it that she had a lucky bite.  It seems that her berry had just one bean within it, designated as a Peaberry.  Two beans is more common.  It is larger and has higher quality.  In fact you can get Peaberry brand coffee.  Good job Eustaquia.

 Well that’s enough coffee excitement for one blog.  Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of AgroLiquid’s adventures at Kauai Coffee.