Research 2017

Research Supports Future Growth is a series of videos highlighting crop nutrient research conducted by the North Central Research Station.

In the week 4 Research Supports Future Growth, Field Agronomy Research Manager, Stephanie Zelinko discusses long term fertility programs in corn and soybeans.

In this week’s Research Supports Future Growth, Dr. Jerry Wilhm discusses how a complete cotton crop nutrition program that enables extended nutrient feeding and will help realize better boll set and yield.

Field Agronomy Research Manager Tim Duckert discusses foliar applications on sugarbeets.

Field Agronomy Research Manager, Stephanie Zelinko, discusses C-TECH, an easy-to-use, precision solution designed to supply season-long nutrition while creating a biologically-active soil.
C-TECH is specially-formulated with specific microbes and BioActivites, combined with plant nutrients to help better hold nutrients in poor soil types, release nutrients within soil solution, promote biological activity and help increase overall plant health.

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  1. I have a gallon of the agro liquid fertilizer. We need a combination of liquid fertilizer for some plants we bought at a landscape place for a wedding and wondering if this stuff is what we need…..we need 10% nitrogen, 10% phosferos, and 10% potassium. do you know what percentages this contains. any info would be welcome. the guy I bought this from said I could use on my flowers. he said mix one ounce per gallon. thanks.

    1. Good morning,
      AgroLiquid fertilizers are excellent for flowers. If you could send the name of the product you purchased, or a picture of the label, we will be happy to provide more information. You could send the photo to
      Thank you!

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