The 12 days of Crop Nutrients

Day 3 

On to day three of crop our nutrients post. If you aren’t following along in our 12 Days of Crop Nutrients, be sure to check out day 1 – phosphorus, and day 2 – calcium. For our third day of crop nutrients, we’re going to discuss the micronutrient boron. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: while crops needs less of a micronutrient, those nutrients are no less important to maximizing crop potential.

Boron deficiency in almonds

Boron (B)

Boron is necessary for cell division and differentiation. It helps maintain a balance between sugar and starch and aids in the movement of calcium. Boron is also essential for the germination of the pollen grains and pollen tubes in plants and has a direct effect on yield. No pollination, no crop. In other words, it may be a micronutrient, but it’s no less important to crop potential than nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium.

Cauliflower with boron deficiency

Boron is a nutrient that becomes immobile once it is utilized within a crop. Therefore, it is essential to have an available boron “pool” within the soil throughout the growing season. Some symptoms of boron deficiency can include:

  • Shortened plant nodes
  • Thickened, brittle and curled leaves
  • Terminal growth dies and / or young growth tissue deteriorates
  • Reduced flowering and fruit set, poor seed set

Malformed or small fruits and physiological disorders associated with root and tuber crops.