The “O” Word in CA (LAND OF LIQUID Blog)

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  • April 26, 2018

So sorry for the lapse in regular blog posts….but I’ve been busy.  Now who is in the mood for one last blast from my visit to CA earlier this month?  Good.  We visited a different kind of field this day.  Below we see Chris, Dylan and Keston from Retail Partner LA Hearne in a field of celery near Watsonville.  What’s different?  Well it’s Organic celery.  It seems that there are a fair amount of acres of organic vegetable production in this area.

LA Hearne not only sells organic fertilizer, but also is in the custom application business.  In this case it is 1200 lb/A of chicken litter pellets.  You can see the application bands that are partly uncovered in the middle and also on the right where the side of the bed has fallen away.  Now that is a lot of material, but it seems to work.

 You’ve heard that “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  AgroLiquid does have one certified organic product in C-Tech.  But Chris assures us that organic products that have nutrients in addition to microbes are not too far off.  In fact we are testing organic P and K experimental products at the NCRS this year.  So AgroLiquid should have an organic product line someday.  We will see if the sun is blotted out from the sky as I never would have thought that would happen.  But Chris has told me that It’s the best Jerry! The best!  Indeed.

 In addition to plot and field visitation, Chris and I were also in CA as speakers at a CCA Seminar in Exeter, near Visalia.  There were a variety of speakers providing information on different production ag topics for continuing education credits for Certified Crop Advisers.  Below we see Chris speaking about how crop nutrition can help ward off insect pests.  Did you know that?  I lead off the session with a riveting rendition of Improving Soil Vitality and the effects on crop nutrition.  Now I had titled my presentation to be about Soil Health, which is all the rage these days.  But it seems that you can’t say Soil Health in California as that is not an acceptable term there.  Kind of like the name Pro-Germinator.  So fortunately I had some time to make the change on my title slide, as I did not want to be in violation of pc statutes.  They are rough there in California.

But it was a good presentation.  In fact they told me: It’s the best, Jerry!  The best!

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